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The court systems can be very complex, and often times even small procedural errors can cause undue delays in case resolutions, or even damage the actual outcome of an entire case. This is why it is especially important to hire a firm capable of handling your litigation objectives, based on their experience with similar matters.

  1. Choose a firm that has experience in similar situations such as yours.
  2. Choose a firm that has enough resources to handle your case.
  3. Choose a firm that is small enough to give you the personal service you require, but one that has trial attorneys who are experienced in handling all aspects of litigation – from routine automobile accidents and "slip and fall" cases to more complex liability cases.
The costs of an attorney can vary from firm to firm and can also depend on the type of case you have. Some cases will cost more than others, so the best way to find out what your legal costs will entail is to meet with an attorney.
When handling a personal injury case on behalf of the injured party, the attorneys fee which is charged is based on, or "contingent" on, whether we are successful in obtaining a recovery for the injured party. With respect to these types of cases, there is never a fee charged for the first consultation. Thereafter, we only earn a fee when and if we are successful in recovering a settlement or verdict. If there is no recovery, there is no fee. Our “contingent fee” retainer agreements are drawn in accordance with the provisions of the Rules of the Appellate Division (4th Dept.) of New York State Supreme Court (33 1/3% contingent fee).
One of the best ways to find an attorney is to consult with an attorney you trust, or one that is referred to you by your friends or family. Even if that attorney cannot take your case, he or she will be able to understand the issues of your case and refer you to an attorney in your community who would be better able to service you.
Generally speaking, television, radio and yellow page ads are not the best way to find an attorney. Oftentimes advertisements are paid for by referral agencies or by a pool of firms, which share the enormous cost of advertising. These ads are typically and specifically designed to make the practice appear larger and/or more experienced than they actually are. You should also remember that the most expensive ads do not certify that a firm is qualified to handle your case, and that many of the best firms do not advertise, but instead obtain their cases from referrals from other attorneys, due to their reputation for doing great work and getting good results.
Yes. Our attorneys have had many years of experience representing both injured persons as well as individuals and corporations who have been sued by others. We feel that the breadth of our experience on “both sides of the fence” gives us a unique perspective on achieving the best results for our clients.
Yes, as with most professions there are many specialties within the field. Specialties include bankruptcy, real estate, business and contracts, criminal defense, personal injury, appeals, workers' compensation, wills and estates, and family law. You should choose a firm that specializes in your particular situation.
Not necessarily. Before your first meeting ask if there is a fee for an initial consultation. Many firms provide free initial consultations. But whether their is a fee or not, you are not obligated to hire the firm unless you are confident that they can handle your case.
  1. Do you have any areas of specialization?
  2. Have you ever handled cases that were similar to mine before? If so, then how many, and what were some of the outcomes of the cases?
  3. How often do you go to trial?
  4. How long do you estimate it will take to resolve my case?
  5. How much will my case cost? Can you take my case on a contingent fee basis?
  6. If I call or email your office with questions, how long will it take someone to get back to me?
  7. Can I reach you after hours, if I have an emergency?
  8. Have you ever been disciplined by an ethics committee, or been suspended from the practice of law? If so, why?

What You Should Know

Above are some introductory answers to some frequently asked general questions about finding, choosing, and hiring a firm. Information provided here is for general information purposes only and does not constitute the legal or other professional advice of Walsh Roberts & Grace and affiliates. Neither Walsh Roberts & Grace nor any other Walsh Roberts & Grace entity accepts any responsibility for any loss which may arise from reliance on information contained on this site.

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The WRG Mission

Our mission is our clients' success. We measure our performance by our clients' standards, anticipating their needs by first understanding their problems, concerns and legal objectives. Personal service is our hallmark and the foundation on which our success and growth have been built.

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